Tips for Your Appointment with Your Lawyer…

When you visit you lawyer, keep the following in mind:

1. The day before your appointment, look up the address and verify the time of the appointment so that you’re not late. Lawyers plan their agendas weeks in advance, and the lawyer might have to cancel your appointment if you aren’t on time. This may waste precious time for your case!

2. Do not bring your children to the appointment. Your case is extremely important and it requires your full attention. Likewise, the lawyer needs to be able to concentrate so she doesn’t make mistakes when giving legal advice.
3. Do not bring family or friends who are not linked to the case. When another person starts to ask questions that are not related to your case, the lawyer becomes distracted and loses her focus from your case. These additional people end up undermining your consultation time, which you paid for. Be respectful of your time and the lawyer’s time.
4. Ask the lawyer how long he or she has he been practicing, how many cases like yours she has handled, and how successful she has been. Ask to see the lawyer’s licences and titles. An experienced lawyer won’t mind answering these questions.