Detained Family Members

By October 2, 2015 No Comments

Is your family member in ICE custody? Call and schedule an appointment so we can listen to the facts of your case and determine what your options are. Having a family member in ICE custody, and not knowing what might happen to that person, is extremely stressful. We can help alleviate some of that stress by finding out some of the important details of the case. Why is he or she being held? Can he bond out? Will he get to see a judge? Will he be placed in removal proceedings or will he just be returned to his country of origin? If he gets to see a judge, what can he do to try to remain in the U.S.? These are some of the things we will discuss during a consultation. From there, we can conduct an investigation that begins with making contact with the Immigration Officer handling your family member’s case. Many, if not all, of the questions listed above can be answered by us after an investigation. Call today and ask our receptionist about an “emergency appointment” for detained individuals! We will make time to see you either the same day or the following morning (with the exception of weekends of course).