At the moment, we are NOT accepting the following consultations: Deferred Action, 10-year Green Card renewal, Asylum, Immigration Court, General Questions, 2nd Opinions on Existing family Cases unless you are wanting to change lawyers; U visa cases that have already been submitted to USCIS.

We are only accepting family cases, Waivers, U visas for victims of crime, naturalization and VAWA. If your case is a U visa case, DO NOT SCHEDULE the appointment here as you need to fax your police report first at (913) 371-6716 with name and number for a FREE appointment.

CANCELLATIONS: If you wish to cancel or reschedule  your appointment you must call us 24-hours prior to your appointment. If we don’t receive notice within 24-hours, our office will charge a fee equal to the amount of the consultation fee for the amount of time that they attorney has set aside to review your case. If you can’t reach our office by phone please to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email us at


Please be patient during all the steps of booking the consultation.  Avoid clicking the BACK browser button to prevent the system from charging you for multiple bookings.  If this happens someone from our office will contact you.