Are You a Priority for Removal Under the New Presidency?

By February 3, 2017 No Comments

Below are the priorities for removal, according to the order issued by President Trump on January 25, invalidating the guidelines for detention and deportation issued by the Obama administration in November 2014. The new priorities for removal are as follows:
(a) persons who have been found guilty of any criminal offence (misdemeanor or more serious)
(b) persons who have been accused of a crime, and the charge has not been resolved (people who were not brought to court or whose charges are still pending)
(c) persons who have committed acts that constitute the elements of a crime
(d) persons who have committed fraud or willful misrepresentation of facts or data (lying) on official business or applications before a government agency
(e) persons who have abused public assistance programs (for example, food stamps, welfare)
(f) persons who are subject to a final order of deportation, but who have failed to comply with this order (for example, people given voluntary departure that never returned, people that failed to appear in immigration court)
(g) people who, in the opinion of an immigration officer, are a risk to public or national safety (for example, gang members, terrorists, etc)
(h) persons who are detained at the border as recent arrivals.

If you believe you may fall under one of these priorities, it is important that you consult with an immigration lawyer to plan a strategy to defense in the event you are arrested and detained.